• Street Dancing, Araw ng Maramag, Bukidnon, Philippines
  • Street Dancing, Araw ng Maramag, Bukidnon, Philippines
  • Street Dancing, Araw ng Maramag, Bukidnon, Philippines
  • Street Dancing, Araw ng Maramag, Bukidnon, Philippines
  • Musuan Peak, Maramag, Bukidnon, Philippines
  • Street Dancing, Araw ng Maramag, Bukidnon, Philippines
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The Municipality of Maramag is in one with the Nation in celebrating the 39th NUTRITION MONTH ( July 2013 ) with the Theme: " Gutom at malnutrisyon, sama-sama nating wakasan! "

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Monthly Convocation May 2012


For many years now, the Local Government made strict implementation of the first Monday Convocation of each month the year round. The Municipal Planning and Development Office and the National Power Corporation are the sponsors of the convocation during the month of May. During convocation programs, the sponsor offices have to give their annual report which is the highlight of the program yet to give entertainment, the offices concerned are allowed to give intermission numbers of any kind.Annual report includes the programs, projects and activities done/held/sponsored and made in connection with the respective offices concerns and their designated functions for 2011.

 This year, the personnel of the Municipal Planning & Development Office and the National Power Corporation gave their best duringtheconvocation held on May 7, 2012. It was such a vey splendid program and had obviously satisfied the congregation present that day.

 What had transpired that day? Hereunder are the reports of the two sponsoring agencies:




  1. National Power Corporation – Power Electric Plant IV, Kiuntod, Camp I, Maramag, Bukidnon:(Reference: Printed report that was submitted to the MPDO on May 7, 2012 signed by Reginaldo L. Natividad, Senior Engineer; Diogenes B. Esmade, Jr., OIC-Manager, PTS Division; Vicente L. Dayo, OIC-Plant Manager of Pulangi IV HE Plant)
    1. a. Operations:
      1. i.In 2011 the Plant generated a total of 1,083,455 MWH TO THE Mindanao Grid contributing a net revenue of Php 2,663,900,000.00 for the government;
      2. ii.The Planta total of 23,665,142 MWH to the Mindanao Grid for the past 26 years of existence;
      3. iii.The Plant generating units were available at around 97.3% versus the 89.73% target and a Forced Outage Rate (FOR) of 0.078% against the 0.263% target set by the PSALM (Power Sector Assets & Liabilities Management Corporation) during the period.
  1. b.Environmental, Safety and Housekeeping:
    1. i.For the Environment, the Plant was rated 100.00% vs. the 80.00% target set by the PSALM;
    2. ii.For Fire Protection, Safety and Good Housekeeping Program, the Plant was rated 93.50% vs. the 80.00% target set by PSALM;
    3. iii.The Plant was also rated 100% for No Lost Time Accident.
  1. c.Plant Activities:
    1. i.The Plant successfully facilitated its 1st dewatering / complete drawdown of 9.5 KM power channel last 18-26, 2011 with the active participation of different concerned groups namely Bantay Bayan, Bantay Watershed Task Force, 8th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army, Maramag Philippine National Police and the LGU Barangays of Anahawon, North Poblacion, South Poblacion and Camp 1. During last year’s dewatering process of the power channel structure, the reported scour of the structure’s concrete lining portion was physically confirmed including other defects along the aqueduct and some defects of the structure were prioritized and already rectified except for the observed large scouring underneath the concrete bed and at the side slope riprap/earth protection of the headrace channel approaching the surge wave pool which was scheduled for rehabilitation on April – May 9, 2012;
    2. ii.Acquired the services of Dr. Guillermo Q. Tabios III as Consultant for the Sedimentation Control Study and Reservoir Management of Pulangi Hydroelectric Plant Reservoir (directly negotiated at Php 2.80M)
    3. iii.Conducted major and regular maintenance activities of Plant’s power components and its auxiliaries;
    4. iv.Sustain implementation of ISO 9001:2008 (Quality), ISO 14001:2009 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Health & Safety).

PLANS FOR 2012 (Partly accomplished):


  1. a.Conduct a 23-day shutdown on April 17 – May 9, 2012 for the conduct of another Power Channel Complete Drawdown and make way for the Rehabilitation of Headrace Channel and Surge Pool Riprap Protection.
  2. b.Parallel to the above-mentioned activities, the plant will perform a simultaneous Preventive Maintenance of the three (3) turbine generating units to make use of the 23-day shutdown opportune time instead of following the regular Preventive Maintenance Schedule (PMS) of the units;
  3. c.Re-certification of the ISO 9001:2008 (Quality), ISO 14001:2009 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Health & Safety).
  1. a.Central Nursery Operations/Significant Events and Activities:
    1. i.Produced 90,997 seedlings through seeds and wildlings collection while, 61,487 seedlings dispersed for UC-EC projects, individuals institution under the seedling dispersal program;
    2. ii.Produced 88 sacks of organic fertilizer utilized at the NPC nursery.
  1. b.Watershed Rehabilitation:
    1. i.204.54 hectares or 97 project beneficiaries of Agroforestry Project (Plan 1 & 2) completed and some are in its bearing stage now;
    2. ii.77.82 hectares or 51 project beneficiaries Reforestation Project (Plan 1 & 2) completed;
    3. iii.2.5 hectares or 2 project beneficiaries (Plan 2) completed bamboo plantation project.
  1. c.Watershed Protection:
    1. i.Capability enhancement Training (Forest Fire Protection) for BWTF and Plan 4 project beneficiaries conducted;
    2. ii.Patrolling operation, Tree Planting and Clean-Up Drive regularly conducted.
  1. d.Livelihood Trainings:
    1. i.Water Hyacinth Skills Development Training for women conducted July 11 – 15, 2011;
    2. ii.Training and Hand-on demonstration on the production of on the production of Quality Seedlings for Plan 4 project beneficiaries and all Brgy. Council representatives of Maramag last October 11-12, 2011.
  1. e.Livelihood Projects:
    1. i.Soil and Water Conservation and Goat raising seminar conducted for Plan 4 project beneficiaries last December 15, 2011;
    2. ii.Goat Dispersal Project distributed to Plan 4 project beneficiaries last December 6, 2011.
  1. f.Watershed awareness campaign:
    1. i.Climate change mitigation program seminar for elementary and high school teachers conducted last July 16-17, 2011 at DepEd, Division of Bukidnon. The speakers were from PAGASA, DENR and BSU;
    2. ii.School lectures about watershed, climate change and solid waste management were conducted for high school students.
    3. iii.Video Film showing on watershed and climate change was also done for elementary pupils.

2012 PLANS

  1. 1.Maintenance of established plantations at Panalsalan, Bayabason and Dagumbaan, Maramag, Bukidnon:
    1. a.--             59.60 has.
    2. b.--             90.42 has.
    3. c.Bamboo--             28.50 has.
    4. d.Rubber--             18.00 has.
    5. 2.Establishment of plantation at Bagong Silang, Maramag, Bukidnon:
      1. a.--             40.00 has.
      2. b.--             30.00 has.
      3. c.Coffee--             20.00 has.
      4. d.Bamboo--             10.00 has.
      5. 3.Livelihood training seminar:
        1. a.Organic farming and coffee plantation establishment
        2. b.Watershed rehabilitation seminar
        3. c.Livelihood project packaging and operation
  1. 4.Livelihood Projects Packaging:
    1. a.Water Hyacinth Handicrafts Making and
    2. b.Shredder
    3. 5.Conduct of PO strengthening/ values formation seminar and regular meetings/ pulong-pulong/ IEC to concerned areas.
    4. 6.Conduct regular patrolling within the NPC landholdings and UC-EC under MOA with DENR covering an area of 16,584 hectares.
    5. 7.Production of quality seedlings for 2012 is 184,250 pcs.
    6. 8.Vermi-cast production for 2012 is 100 sacks
    7. 9.Conduct clean-up and tree planting activities along reservoir peripheries within the NPC landholdings.

Recognize the Plant’s role in power generation: The plant continued its efforts of continually reaching its programs to improve the plant’s industrial harmony to tis communities. Projects for implementation this year amounted to Php 14,573,132.78 to include:

  1. 1.Maramag Birthing Center (PhasePhp        2,075,001.22
  2. 2.Lurugan Valencia Health1,803,614.73
  3. 3.Don Carlos 2 Units three-door College2,819,000.00
  4. 4.Dologon Barangay Health Center   998,089.00
  5. 5.South Poblacion Maramag Day Care   459,933.81
  6. 6.Tubigon, Maramag Water System   867,644.24
  7. 7.Catumbalon Health Center (Phase   320,472.49
  8. 8.Camp 1 Street Light   600,101.07
  9. 9.Maramag Sport Facilities (Tennis   594,885.00
  10. 10.Paitan, Quezon Administration   560,000.00
  11. 11.Butong, Quezon Ambulance   540,872.96
  12. 12.Panadtalan, MaramagMini Dump truck750,000.00
  13. 13.Lumbo, Valencia City Dump truck    874,998.26
  14. 14.Poblacion, Maramag ten (10) units

Grass cutter acquisition                                                                     174,000.00

  1. 15.South Poblacion Emergency Rescue    500,000.00
  2. 16.Anahawon, Maramag Mini Dump truck634,500.00

Php      14,573,132.78

                For calendar year 2011, the Plant has never been remiss with its yearly bloodletting activity with fifty (50) donors from the staff. This activity is coupled with the conduct of annual medical and dental mission at South Poblacion, this municipality.

                A remarkable contribution of the NPC staff was the setting aside of the Christmas Party just to give way to raise funds for the Sendong typhoon victims.



MPDO Functions in accordance with the Local Government Code:

1) Formulate integrated economic, social, physical and other developmentplans and policies for consideration of the Local Development Council;

2) Conduct continuing studies, researches and training programs necessary toevolve plans and programs for implementation;

3) Integrate and coordinate all sectoral plans and studies undertaken by thedifferent functional groups or agencies;

4) Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the different developmentprograms, projects and activities in accordance with the approved planand program of work;

5) Prepare comprehensive plans and other development planning documentsfor the consideration of the Local Development Council;

6) Analyze the income and expenditure patterns and formulate recommendfiscal plans and policies for consideration of the Local Finance Committee;

7) Promote people participation in development planning within the Local Government Unit concerned;

8) Exercise supervision and control over the secretariat of the Local Development Council, Local School Board, Municipal Council for theProtection and Welfare of Women and Children and all other special bodies created by the LGU; and

9) Exercise such other powers and perform such other functions and duties asmay be prescribed by law or ordinance.

Accomplishment for Calendar Year 2011 and January-March 2012:


  1. Zoning Administration

Zoning Clearance/ Certification Issued

• January to December 2011 - 1,032

• January to March 2012 - 141

Locational Clearance Issued

• January to December 2011 - 83

• January to March 2012 - 32

Zoning Certification for Business Renewal/Registration

• January to December 2011 - 203

• January to March 2012 - 1,472

Notices Issued (Submission of Proof of LC/ Notice of Violation)

• January to December 2011 - 65

• January to March 2012 – 46

  1. Planning and Programming

January to December 2011

  1. Research, Evaluation and Statistics

January-December 2011

1) Local Government Report, CY 2010

• Local Government Performance Management System (LGPMS)

• On-Line Data Encoding (Data Capture Form)

• LGPMS 2010 Electronic Report (Submitted On-Line)

• State of Local Governance Report 2010 (Hard Copy) - 8 Copies

2) Data Generation for Planning Input - 5 Sectors

(Institutional, Social, Economic, Environmental and Infrastructure)

3) Project Monitoring and Evaluation CY 2011

• Major Projects Monitored - 43 Projects

• Minor Projects Monitored - 78 Projects

• RPMES Monthly Report Submitted to PPMC - 12 Reports

4) Sectoral Data Tabulation and Analysis for Planning Input - 5 Sectors

5) Tracking LGU Responsiveness on Millennium Development

           Goals Localization CY 2008 - 2010 (Bookbinded)- 8 Copies

January to March 2012

1) Local Goverment Report, CY 2011

• Local Government Performance Management System (LGPMS)

√√ On-Line Data Encoding

√√ LGPMS 2011 Electronic Report (Submitted On-Line)

√√ State of Local Governance Report 2011 (Hard Copy) - 8 Copies

2) Project Monitoring and Evaluation

• Major Projects Monitored in CY 2012 - 46 Projects

• RPMES Monthly Report Submitted to PPMC - 3 Reports

1) Prepared/Submitted the Annual Investment Program (AIP), CY 2012 - 10 Copies

2) Prepared the 20% Annual/ Supplemental Development Plan and Budget for FY 2012

- 10 Copies

3) Prepared/Submitted the 4 Gifts for Children for CY 2011 - 3 Copies

- Plan of Action CY 2011

- Municipal Development Investment Program for Children

- Child Welfare Code

- State of the Children Address/Report

4) Prepared Documentation for the Child Friendly Activities (Entry for Search for Child-

            Friendly Municipality 2011)- 6 Copies

5) Formulated the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) (2nd Draft) - 2 Copies

6) Prepared the Municipal School Board Budget FY 2011 - 24 Copies

7) Prepared Project Proposals for National/ Foreign Assisted Projects


8) TAG4 Projects under the auspices of The Asia Foundation

• Service Delivery Improvement Plan - 18 Copies

• Organizational Structure and Staffing Pattern - 18 Copies

• Job Design Manual - 18 Copies

• Facilitated in the conduct of Trainings

√√ Basic Customer Service Skills Training

√√ Public Service Ethics and Accountability

√√ Jobs Competency Assessment and Redesigning

√√ Benchmarking Activities in General Santos City

• Facilitated in the conduct of Exit Conference of TAG4 Project

9) Conducted CBMS Upgrade Version Survey (Estimated Target) - 19,000 HH

10) Prepared Project Proposal for the Construction of Sports Facilities (Lawn Tennis Court at


11) Prepared Project Proposal for the Php 30 Million Equipment Loan Package

12) Prepared Project Proposal for the Php 100 Million Perimeter Stalls at Agro Commercial


13) Prepared Activity Design (For Financial Assistance of BHW - Provincial Assistance

14) Prepared the State of the Municipality Address (SOMA) CY 2011 - 10 Copies

15) Updated the Solid Waste Management Plan CY 2012 - 2021 - 10 Copies

January to March 2012

1) Prepared the Municipal School Board Budget FY 2012 - 24 Copies

2) Prepared the Priority Poverty Reduction Project FY 2013 - 2016

3) Facilitated the conduct of workshop in the Implementation of Bottom-up Planning and

            Budgeting for FY 2013 Budget preparation

4) Facilitated the conduct of Technical Conferences relative to Revenue Generation and

            Resource Mobilization

5) Conducted CBMS Enumerators Training

  1. Administrative Support

Purchase Requests and Vouchers Processed

• January to December 2011 - 392

• January to March 2012 - 56

Payrolls Processed

• January to December 2011 - 74

• January to March 2012 - 24

Certifications (Proposed Projects Reflected in the AIP) Issued

• January to December 2011 - 78

• January to March 2012 - 22

Incoming Communications Received and Filed

• January to December 2011 - 38

• January to March 2012 - 12

Outgoing Communications Prepared

• January to December 2011 - 92

• January to March 2012 - 22

  1. Secretariat Services Rendered

• Municipal Development Council Meetings

√√ January to December 2011 - 3 meetings

• Municipal Council for the Protection and Welfare of Women and Children

√√ January to December 2011 - 2 meetings

• Local Governance Performance Management Team (MTWG & SDIT) Meeting

√√ January to December 2011 - 4 meetings

√√ January to March 2012 - 1 meeting

• LZBAA Meeting

√√ January to December 2011 - 3 meetings

√√ January to March 2012 - 2 meetings

• Municipal School Board Meeting

√√ January to December 2011 - 2 meetings

√√ January to March 2012 - 1 meeting

• Technical Support/Services Provided

• Technical assistance during presentations (power point) – Including NGOs

• Hard copies of maps to various researchers

• Students/Institutions conducting researches

• Technical Support during Night Market

• Profile Presentation and Promotion of Maramag during visits of local andforeign

            visitors/ tourist/ investors

  1. Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

January-December 2011

  1. 1)Technical Support on ICT Concerns/Computerrelated- 155 Job Orders        

- Virus Infection    – 23    

- Slow PC – 19                         - No Monitor Output - 14

- Printer Problem – 12                        - No Network Connection - 40

- Operating System and Software Installation - 40

- Wi-fi Installation – 3             - Other ICT related problems - 12

2) Lamination Services

- ARTA Prescribed IDs - 90 Pcs.

- Employee IDs (replacement) - 26 Pcs.

- Signages and Posters - 38 pcs.

3) Promotional Materials (Brochures/Leaflets)

- Investment and Tourism Promotion(Detailed) - 1,000 pcs.

- Tourism Promotion (Leaflets) - 1,000 pcs.

- Layout/Design - 2 Projects

- Incoming Fax Messages Received - 254 Messages

- Outgoing Fax Messages Sent - 425 Messages

- Long Distance Calls ServedNDD-2,794; CP-2,150- 4,125 Calls

- Photo Copier Services (Assorted Sizes) - 122,456 Copies

- Risograph Printing - 2,750 Copies

4) Cover Design of Bookbinded Documents - 12 Designs

  1. Special Projects (2011)

Prepared Plans, Individual Program of Works and Specifications of the following


• Farmer’s Training Center

• Welcome Arc/Marker (Brgy. Panadtalan)

• Office Furnitures (Cabinets of OSCA, MCRO, MBO, MACCO, MPDOICT,

Toursim Office, HRMO and BNSHI)

• Project Bill Boards

• BJMP Building

• Renovation of BNSHI Administration Building

  1. Other Related Functions

• Attend Monthly Bids and Awards Committee Meetings/Activities

• Attend Meetings/Investigation conducted by the Fact Finding Board

• Appearances to the Sangguniang Bayan Sessions in aid of Legislations

• Prepare Programs, Invitations and Designs

√√ Literary Programs during Foundation and National Heroes Day


√√ Other LGU Sponsored Programs



Francisco Y. Cipriano, Jr.

MPDC/ Zoning Administrator 


Myrna Lyn L. Marquez - Economic Researcher

Jeffrey V. Juan - Project Dev’t Asst./ Social

Dev’t Sector Coordinator

Jennyfer T. Quilongquilong - Planning Asst./

Inst. Dev’t Sec. Coordinator

Floriveyn B. Celestial - Project Dev’t Asst./

Econ. Dev’t Sec. Coordinator

ElgieIman-Aninayon - Computer Operator I


Gilbert R. Babasol - Project Dev’t. Of­cer l

Corazon C. Don - Planning Offi­cer l

Jevelyn A. Benguar - Sanitation Inspector /

EnvtlDevt. Sector Coor. 


Engr. Robert A. Labadan, CE - Zoning Inspector ll/ Infra.

Dev’t Sector Coordinator

Rosalio M. Clerigo - Draftsman II


Engr. Christian Lear F. Miquiabas, PECE –ISR- l

Albert T. Bretaña - Equipment Tech. II

Cheryl F. Hasigan - Utility Worker II


Felicidad B. Babasol - Admin. Aide IV (Clerk II)

Rodilon B. Ponlaroche - Admin. Assist. II

Delia C. Bahian - Admin. Aide VI (Clerk III)

Sancho A. Pates, Jr. - Admin. Assist. I

Teodoro B. Agua - Admin IV (Driver II)