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Municipal Profile

State of the Municipality Address (SOMA 2009)

(SOMA 2009)
By Mayor Jose V. Obedencio     

 (State of the Municipality Address [SOMA] delivered on May 18, 2009 at the Sangguniang Bayan Session Hall, Maramag Bukidnon)

    The world today is a different world, a different expanse and a different venue for new challenges. Each year of my eight headship years of this vibrant municipality offered unique tests and they too were uniquely addressed; however, this year might be tougher. Today, almost two-thirds of the world’s economy had succumbed to the effect of the rampaging global financial turmoil. Everyday, news in the metropolis about shedding off jobs while multitudes of proletariat march in the streets pummeling the government for relief banner our headlines and aired over our radio and television.

    I stand here today in front of you humbled by the enormity of the task brought by this new challenge. But I will not be belittled nor be shied away of this menace because I know I cannot turn my back against the people whom I consider the first hand heroes of my dynamic administration- the People of Maramag.


To our ever active and dynamic Lady of the Municipality, Honorable Vice-Mayor Alicia Paulican-Resus;

To the equally competent members of the Sangguniang Bayan who constantly watch over the well being of the people;

Our partners in the barangay, the ever supportive Punong Barangays and the members of their respective council;

The vigilant enforcers of freedom of expression, the members of the radio and press corps;

Representatives of the Non-Government and People’s Organizations, Heads of different offices, other local leaders; and all those who have been instrumental in the pursuit for the betterment of Maramag; My Friends, Comrades, Ladies and Gentlemen… Good Morning!    

When I was still a schoolboy, I often times hear my teachers use the bamboo to describe the Filipino’s resiliency to whatever hardships and challenges would come his way. Today as the onslaught of the world economic downturn continue to wreck mayhem over every economy of almost every country and state of the world, I see a stalwart figure braving the tide; bending, swaying, stooping and abiding with wherever the wind takes him, yet still unyielding not a smidgen from its firm grip to the ground.

I see the FILIPINO RESILIENCY defying the shakes.

    Our resiliency is our trademark, and in asserting this extraordinary mark we come to a vivid understanding that we banner this mark not because it is given but rather we have earned the privilege of being so. We have climbed each tier with great pride and determination; judging from every test we have gone through, allow me to say, so far we have been victorious!; I believe history had already proven that people are successful not because of brilliance but because of sheer persistence and desire.

    I know I cannot take away from you your apprehensions, more so your anxieties. For some it is an odd feeling to stay sharp, positive and focused amidst the dark dust cloud that are rapidly spreading because of the impact of the economic crisis. Most of us are at a loss and in fear of what lies ahead just like swimming in dark, murky waters.

    Unless…a more specific and timely strategic approach will be deployed over the economic battlefield.

    I have steered my administration embarking on a more paragon measures that will protect the people of Maramag and all its interests from the harsh winds of the economic doldrums, and at the same time realize the desired outcome I have purposely projected through the programs and projects we have judiciously implemented for this municipality.

    But I could not have done all these exceptional accomplishments without the vital lifelines nurturing and nourishing my leadership. Behind me in my daily battle against formidable challenges is another tough person, another dynamic achiever and a brilliant legislator who is ever supportive to our dreams and aspirations, no less than the Lady of the municipality, Honorable Vice-Mayor Alice Paulican-Resus who at the same time leads a council of gallant public servants, regarded as the knights sworn to uphold the welfare of Maramag and its citizenry, the Members of the Sangguniang Bayan.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us not also forget that Maramag will not be as grand, as impressive and as encompassing as it is today if it were not because of the magnanimous interventions of Governor Jose Ma. R. Zubiri Jr., Congressman Jose Ma. F. Zubiri III, and Senator Juan Miguel F. Zubiri. With our beloved 3 political “skyscrapers” walking behind us, prodding us in every step of the way, Maramag is a force to reckon with.

    2008 had been another shimmering year of milestones for this administration. We were able to sustain programs, projects and enforce with firm contention our laws and policies aimed at strengthening not only the safety nets for our constituency against the vile elements of the society but also capably addressing the basic needs of the countryside.


1.    Certificate of Appreciation to Municipal Government Unit of Maramag for the warm reception given to the participants of the Duaw Kagayan 2008, a Balikbayan Homecoming Program of the Department of Tourism-10 and City Government of Cagayan de Oro intended to gather updates on tourism development within the region and its neighboring areas for tourism promotion and marketing purposes abroad.

2.    Plaque of Special Recognition to Municipality of Maramag, Province of Bukidnon.  In grateful recognition and sincere appreciation to the local government’s initiative to actively participate in all tourism-related events and activities not only within Region 10 but also in different places of the country. The willingness of both its private and public sectors to expose themselves in those events has substantially equipped them to cater to the needs of their own constituents as well as those of their guests and visitors, thus contributing well to the efforts in the promotion of Maramag to other parts of the Philippines.

3.    Certificate of Recognition to LGU of Maramag.  For the participation in CAS Foundation Day and Bio Fair 2008 of Central Mindanao University in Cooperation with LGU and RHU of Maramag, Bukidnon.

4.    Plaque of Recognition to Hon. Jose V. Obedencio, Maramag, Bukidnon.  For his invaluable support and assistance resulting in the successful holding of the 3rd Bukidnon Women’s Summit during the National Women’s Day celebration on March 6, 2008, at Malaybalay City, thus helping promote the economic empowerment of women, upholding women’s human rights and gender-sensitive governance.
5.    Plaque of Recognition to Municipal Government of Maramag. from the Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. (IECEP) during its 58th National Convention, In grateful recognition and appreciation for pioneering the implementation of “Republic Act 9292 – The Electronics Engineering Law of 2004” in conjunction with the National Building Code.

6.    Plaque of Appreciation to Local Government Unit of Maramag. In recognition of their outstanding performance as vital partner in implementing the MINSSAD Project.

7.    Plaque of Recognition to Municipal Mayor. In sincere appreciation of his exemplary leadership and valuable services which significantly contributed to the improvement of the school’s competence, activities, projects and programs of Dologon National High School and its Annex at Kiharong, Maramag, Bukidnon.

8.    Outstanding Fireman Award to SF04 Wenceslao G. Faburada, Maramag Bureau of Fire Protection Chief.  For winning the “Search for The Outstanding Fireman of the Philippines (TOFP) for 2007-2008 conducted by the Rotary International District 3780 Rotary Club of Diliman North, In Cooperation with TOP Justice of the Philippines Foundation, Inc

9.    Best Police Community Relation (PCR) Police Station.  The Maramag Police Station rank number one in Police Community Relation during the 2nd semester 2007 and 1st semester 2008, thus adjudged as Best PCR Police Station throughout Police Regional Office 10.

10.    PO3 Teresita L. Manejero was awarded as Best Junior PCR PNCO in PRO 10 last July 28, 2008 at Camp Alagar, Cagayan de Oro City.

11.    Mapanghikayat Award.  A prestigious award given to the Local Government Unit of Maramag, Bukidnon in grateful recognition to our unwavering support and contribution in the promotion of Voluntary Blood Donation, for the achievement of the vision of Republic Act No. 7719 famously known as the National Blood Services Act of 1994.

12.    Plaque of Recognition to Hon. JOSE V.OBEDENCIO. Award given by the First Bukidnon Electric Cooperative for his excellent and incomparable support in the electrification of the recipient Barangays and Sitios within the Municipality of Maramag, Province of Bukidnon Given last 27th day of April 2008 on the occasion of FIBECO’s 26th Annual General Membership Meeting held at San Fernando Gymnasium, San Fernando, Bukidnon.

13.    Certificate of Recognition to the Maramag Muncipal Government. From the Department of trade and Industry for its invaluable support for the OTOP Program Given on the 20th day of November, 2008 at Loiza’s Pavilion, Casisang, Malaybalay City


    For eight long years, I have journeyed and traversed through almost all the remote sitios and puroks of the 20 Barangays, and I have felt the direst need to devise the most useful, appropriate, and timely development agenda I could offer; and in due course, we were able to generously invest projects in the Infrastructure sector and our programs have efficiently reached out other sectors of our society.

The challenges ahead are tough, and we should be ready to face these challenges with fresh and innovative ideas with these key elements:

Ø    Establishing the most potent and effective entry point for intervention and providing either technical or financial assistance;

Ø     Ascertain that the planned intervention is appropriate for the people concerned;

Ø    Focus development to reach out under-privileged areas of the locality.

     Establishing the most potent and effective entry point for intervention through the CBMS

    Let me convey my salutation to the Municipal Planning and Development Office, through the help of the Department of the Interior and Local Government, they were able to conduct data gathering activities all throughout our 20 Barangays. Dubbed as Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS), this instrument will be our gateway to the grassroots designed to diagnose the scale of poverty, causes, rectifying policies and programs, identifying recipients and eventually crafting the most suitable development interventions.

The generated data from this survey will be synthesized and analyzed to give way to the formulation of our very own Local Poverty Reduction Action Plan (LPRAP). Various LGUs throughout the province have been employing the benefits of the CBMS as an effective entry point to better understand and identify the needs of our less fortunate brethrens in the barangay. In that way, we could be more sensitive, receptive and responsive, and eventually find better means of addressing these needs.

    Just recently, we have received a communication from the head of the CBMS team prodding us to pass a Livelihood Project Proposal to the CBMS- UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Development Grant Program that will address development needs identified in the CBMS. If granted, two pilot barangays will be recipients of the 200,000 pesos financial assistance to fund the proposed livelihood program from the UNDP.

     Ascertain that the planned intervention is appropriate

    As I have mentioned earlier, I have been through all the remote sitios and puroks of this municipality and when I do, my heart bleeds seeing the prevailing situation and the pressing needs of my brethren pervading through unattended.

Ladies and gentlemen, our Social Development Agenda are significantly focused in improving the plight of our people in all sectors of the municipality. To complement our health services, our Birthing Homes are in fighting form, and to augment our advocacy in eradicating maternal deaths, we have established two additional birthing centers in two strategic locations (one in Barangay Dagumbaan and another in Barangay Dologon).

 Our 20 Barangay Health Stations throughout the municipality on the other hand, have been equipped with adequate medical facilities to suffice medical requirements in the Barangay level. We have also been active in the promotion and sponsorship of various livelihood programs and other capability-building seminars and trainings for the unemployed members of the household and Out-of-School-Youths (OSY).

     Focus Development To Reach Out Remote Areas

    A leader’s principle should always be plain and simple: recognize that there are people who are often the poorest in the society and most often, they live in the remote parts of the community- Focus the intervention to reach out these poor sectors of the constituency.

    I would like to reiterate my conviction, not only to the ones present right now, but to the whole Maramag population that I have redirected all my effort in finding the best solution and the most appropriate program against the mounting needs of the under-privileged communities.  
    I have already started the hardest part of my gigantic mission; impregnating the minds and hearts of the people of Maramag with the seeds of pro-active responsiveness, loyalty, nationalism, enthusiasm and a sense of collective development. I am ecstatic to note that the nobility of this objective triumphantly soaked into every household. The responsiveness of our people in the government programs and other development agenda would propel the local economy soaring beyond imaginable boundaries. That is where I intend to steer this dynamic municipality.


    I take pride seeing proliferation of business establishments flourish and swell like mushrooms all over the town most notably in the central business district; contrary to the mass shed off of jobs in most highly urbanized cities and provinces, we have not received reports of the same in our town which I know I owe to our strong linkage with the business sector; not only that the entry of different multi-national firms into our nearby barangays is a manifestation of healthy advancements, these entries helped generate employment for our brethrens in the outlying localities.

Hopefully by this year we would be able to provide feasible, and strong additional incentives for business investment and growth through substantial cuts in their tax rates and improvement in the tax incentive benefit, with the hope of fishing out more investors to venture in our local market. We have the Local Fiscal Management Team (LFMT), the Maramag Investment and Export Board (MIEB) and the Sanggunian Bayan working vigorously in updating our Municipal Tax Incentive Code and the Municipal Revenue Code to suit these needs. Also, we have issued Executive Order No. 12 series of 2008 thereby creating and authorizing the Municipal Assessor’s Office (MASSO) to embark on its Tax Mapping Operation to grub up and intensify the drive in maximizing the municipality’s local income from real property taxes.

    Another milestone of this administration which is attributable to the benevolence of the good Governor Nonoy “Joe” Zubiri is the continuance of the Market Building Complex construction which would positively perk up not only our local income but the municipality’s employment opportunities as well. In turn, the newly created jobs will give our people the opportunity to empower themselves and root participatory governance and development starting right within their respective household.


    The municipal government, with the aid of the provincial government and some international agencies was able to extensively invest for the rehabilitation of Farm-To-Market-Roads and other major thoroughfares throughout the municipality. At present a total of 29.514 kilometers of road network were rehabilitated catering even our far-flung sitios and puroks. In addition, we were able to invest a total of 4 million pesos for the concreting of our Municipal Roads in 2008 alone. Even our foreign assisted social infrastructures like Potable Water Systems, Barangay Health Stations and Multi-purpose pavements, over Ten Million pesos in all our settlement barangays have been completed and turned over to the recipient communities.

    Through the generosity of the Provincial Governor Honorable Nonoy “Joe” Zubiri, the construction of the 72 million pesos Public Market Annex had already started which will introduce a massive structural landscape all over the market’s premises- the additional Food Court, Dry Goods Section (Ukay-Ukay section) and additional wet market will provide the complimentary guise of the New Public Market Complex.

In addition to this, the last phase of the colossal Maramag Integrated Transport Terminal is in its completion stage which will eventually house our Fire Fighting Unit, Area Coordination Center (ACC), the Police Assistance Center, and of course our Local Economic Enterprise Office; for this project, we have allocated from our 2009 budget a sum of 650,000 pesos as our counterpart. It is projected that these facilities will be ready and in service by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2009.

    In totality, the Local Government Unit of Maramag is a recipient of a staggering 135,059,979.00 pesos worth of development projects, Infrastructure, Agricultural and Environmental Development (AED) Projects, funded through the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) under the Mindanao Sustainable Settlement Area Development (MinSSAD) Project of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR).

    The first turn-over ceremony of these projects was in March 2006 which comprised 5 development projects amounting to Php. 27,045,400.00. Another Php. 62,522,265.00 worth of projects were turned over last January 24, 2008 at Barangay Kuya. Consequently, the latest turning-over ceremony was conducted last September 5, 2008 included 16 development projects with a total project cost of Php. 45,492,313.00.

The constitution and a number of laws of the land call on the state to provide its citizens with shelters and other basic needs to ensure better quality of life- Article 2, section 9 of the Phil. Constitution; the enactment of the Republic Act No. 7160 (Local Government Code of 1991) relegating the responsibility of delivering the basic services to respective local government units which eventually spawned the passing of the Urban Development and Housing Authority (UDHA) of 1992; these laws provide and guarantee the constituency a decent shelter while regulating and directing both urban and rural sprawl.

One of my administration’s flagship programs is directed towards addressing the influx of informal settlers that contributed to the municipality’s housing backlog. The establishment of the 68 unit- Gawad Kalinga Housing Project in Barangay Panadtalan in 2005 was the initial step in dealing with the problem on shelter.

This gargantuan task was revolutionized with the establishment of another Gawad kalinga-Paglaum Village in Barangay San Miguel which cuddled 50 housing units which had been turned over to the beneficiaries last May 15, 2009; our constituents in Barangay Danggawan were beneficiaries to another 50 housing units.

Just recently, we have received a letter from Gov. Zubiri reminding us of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed last April 2008 for the construction of houses for Barangay San Miguel, Danggawan and Tubigon Paglaum Villages to fast track their completion.

For this purpose, the provincial government has set aside 7.5 million pesos from its coffer to fund the construction of an additional 50 dwelling units to Barangay San Miguel’s existing 50 units; 50 housing units will also be constructed at Barangay Tubigon. We have also set aside under our Supplemental Budget No.1 FY 2009 a total of 1.8 million pesos for the Barangay San Miguel Project and 500,000 pesos for Barangay Danggawan Paglaum village representing our additional counterpart for this development undertaking.

Aside from monetary contribution, we have also sponsored livelihood skills training on Hollow blocks making, Masonry and Carpentry and provided the equipment and other tools needed to sustain and apply the recipients’ newly acquired skills.

In addition to this, our existing 7.7 hectare Resettlement project has been a home to some 212 households who used to dwell within the road-right-of-ways of our National and Municipal roads, living dangerously along the NAPOCOR channels and creek allowances and those affected by the demolitions. The resettlement area is a product of a partnership between the Local Government Unit of Maramag with the National Housing Authority.

The names Taliban, Iraq and Lebanon may seem to tag along and connote fear and conflict; however here in Maramag these names suggest a different meaning, a realization of both a dream and a mandate. Registered in the municipal registry as lot no. 589, Taliban, Iraq and Lebanon are not conflict zones these are rather communities, shelters, and homes for the underprivileged and for our people who have been displaced.

Based on the latest survey, we already have a total of 343 households who are enjoying the basic amenities such as Power, Street lighting and Potable Water system Facilities established through the aid of the 800,000 pesos donation of Congressman Zubiri to Barangay South Poblacion. With LGU’s commitment in providing this community with the basic facilities such as Plaza Development, Day Care Center, Multi-Purpose Pavement (MPP) and Livelihood Projects, it will not be long we will have a community whose existence is not just based on need but rather a fulfillment of a mandate.

At present, the good Vice Mayor Resus and I are considering a rectifying measure, possibly a resolution to be crafted and enacted by the Members of the Sangguniang Bayan that will legally enable the municipal government to recommend the release of this parcel of land to the beneficiaries.


1.    Construction of SSVA Fixed Stalls (beside Maramag Gym)

-Total project cost         Php 446,185.00

2.    Construction of BNSHI Bleachers

-Total project cost         Php 181,264.35

3.    Constructions of Veteran’s Marker

-Total project cost         Php 25,000.00

4.    Construction of Danggawan Paglaum Village (50 Units) – on-going

-Total project cost         Php 4M
-Provincial Government     Php 2.5M
-Municipal Government    Php 1.5M

5.    Completion of the 578,740 pesos Street Lighting Facilities (funded by the DOE-NAPOCOR)


Considered as the Tourism Frontier of the South, we have endeavored so much to live by and sustain this privilege, our reputation precedes us, our tourism banners were performing excellently with the encouraging assertion from the key players themselves; our profound thanks to Mr. Moises Panganiban of MGM Resort; Mr. Peter McNeil Acosta of Waig Crystal Spring Resort; our active eco-tourism partner Mr. Eduardo Marquez of Edlimar Farm and Spring Resort and Mr. Renerio Regidor of the newly refurbished R. Regidor Mountain Spring Resort.

Our support to the tourism industry in the municipality does not stop there; we have allocated One Million pesos for the perimeter fencing and painting of the Maramag People’s Park; we were also able to avail funding assistance from the Philippine Tourism Authority amounting to 574,000 pesos with local counterpart of 500,000 pesos to establish the Municipal Tourism Promotion Center purposely to house both the promotional activities and products distinctively of Maramag origin.

 Our Municipal Gymnasium, on the other hand, had undergone improvement to accommodate the Postal Office and Public Toilets. For this year, we have allotted 1.5 million pesos as well in our Supplemental Budget No.1 for the celebration of the Maramag Foundation Day as a prelude to the preservation and enrichment of our culture.

    Our drive to sustain the tourism promotion in Maramag may have been fervent, but this cause will not compromise our roles as forerunners of greener earth for the generations to come. It gives me deep pride to savor the refreshing Maramag air, not only because it sustains me, but most of all, everyone was able to benefit from it. Because of our firm resolve in upholding and ensuring environmental health in our community, it would remain a paramount concern of the local government unit of Maramag.

     In light of this, I am trumpeting that we have made a major breakthrough in our bid to upgrade our Controlled Dump Facility into a full pledge Municipal Sanitary Landfill. In our effort of realizing this needed transition, we contemplate on acquiring a 5 hectare proposed site at Barangay Panadtalan which is now being subjected to series of public hearings, legal procedures and other pertinent tests to ensure the safety and health of the people living nearby as one of the requisites provided in the Republic Act No. 9003 otherwise known as the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.

    This valiant mission of the municipality had paid off because people from all over the province, region and even from the national level have actually expressed their appreciation to us through the various awards we have received.

National Award. Given to the Municipality of Maramag particularly to Barangay Bagong Silang for being the Outstanding Barangay on Ecological Solid Waste Management Implementation (Category C) in the whole Philippines

Certificate of Appreciation to Municipal Government Unit of Maramag for the warm reception given to the participants of the Duaw Kagayan 2008, a Balikbayan Homecoming Program of the Department of Tourism-10 and City Government of Cagayan de Oro intended to gather updates on tourism development within the region and its neighboring areas for tourism promotion and marketing purposes abroad.

Plaque of Special Recognition to Municipality of Maramag, Province of Bukidnon in grateful recognition and sincere appreciation of the local government’s initiative to actively participate in all tourism-related events and activities not only within Region 10 but also in different parts of the country. The willingness of both its private and public sectors to expose themselves to learning from those events has substantially equipped them to cater to the needs of their own constituents as well as those of their guests and visitors, thus contributing well to the efforts in the promotion of Maramag to other parts of the Philippines.


    I have placed Educational Reform on top of my priority list of development agenda. This year we have allocated approximately 4.3 million pesos of our total budget for the Special Education Fund which will cover primarily the outlined programs and projects as well as activities of the public schools within the Maramag District.

    As always, we are prompt in providing for the Personal Services of the teachers of 5 public secondary schools (annexes) including the district’s maintenance and other operating expenses. Funding support was also provided for the Scouting, Campus Journalism and STEP-NSDC; our Non Formal Education (Alternative Learning Center) was a recipient of a share in the allocation to support their operation as well.
We have already apportioned 500,000 pesos for the construction/ extension of MCES Livelihood Shade and further funded the purchase of different stringed instruments for the creation of the first and the only Rondalla Ensemble of Maramag which would help nurture and develop our children’s musical inclinations.

Eventually, this endeavor will showcase the Maramag talent to the limelight.  Speaking of which, may I convey my sincerest commendation to the Maramag delegation for faring excellently when we hosted the just concluded Congressional and Provincial Athletic meets.

I have substantially prepared Bukidnon National School of Home Industries (BNSHI) for these athletic endeavors by improving the school’s Grandstand, Oval and other Sports Facilities. The preparation was complimented by the Tennis Court Facilities of Maramag Central Elementary School (MCES) courtesy of the Maramag Tennis Club.

    To address the accelerating number of our school children, we have been ardently supporting the construction, rehabilitation of school buildings and classrooms funded either by the provincial government or thru the Congressional Fund of Congressman Joey Zubiri whose recent legislative intervention gave way to the construction of the new Five-Room San Carlos Elementary School in Barangay Dagumbaan which has been turned over last March 6, 2009. The Maramag Central Elementary School (MCES) was also graced with the completion of the One Million Peso MCES Covered Court courtesy of the kindness of the good congressman.

    Education in the municipality is complemented by the presence of the Municipal-funded Technical-Vocational School, the Maramag Polytechnic School (MAPOLS), where our deserving and highly motivated students, though constrained financially, are given world-class training in lieu of the fast mounting world standard and demand for skilled workers here and abroad.

Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Zoning Ordinance Updating.

After a series of rigid and thorough scrutiny by the members of the Sanggunian Bayan and Sanggunian Panlalawigan, the updating of the CLUP and the Zoning Ordinance of the municipality was deemed a success owing this feat to the active involvement and contribution of the 20 Punong Barangays, the members of the Municipal Land Use Committee (MLUC), Technical Working Group, our consultants from the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB), the commendable effort of Mr. Francisco Y. Cipriano, Jr and the staff of the Municipal Planning and Development Office,  we would now be able to implement the blueprint of Maramag’s development.

Comprehensive Development Plan Updating.

Another vital planning document of the municipality is undergoing the updating process which is bound for the SB’s Adoption, Approval and eventually implemented within this year. We are also simultaneously organizing our local Barangay Officials to take part in the formulation of their respective Barangay Development Plans.
Plaque of Recognition to the Municipal Mayor

In sincere appreciation of his exemplary leadership and valuable services which significantly contributed to the improvement of the school’s competence, activities, projects and programs of Dologon National High School and its Annex at Kiharong, Maramag, Bukidnon

Plaque of Recognition to Dr. Carmelita A. Tina-an

Being chosen as one of the Bantula Finalists in the annual search for “Most Outstanding Schools District Supervisor” conducted last December 15, 2008.

Certificate of Recognition to LGU of Maramag

For the participation in the CAS Foundation Day and Bio Fair 2008 of Central Mindanao University in Cooperation with LGU and RHU of Maramag, Bukidnon.


    The General Fund Budget of the municipality for FY 2009 is operating with 121,991,113 million pesos in its coffer which is composed of the Expenditure Program and Revenue Sources. The present budget was able to point out 1,167 pesos as the average rate of per capita spending of a Maramagnon, a slight swell over last year’s 1,055 pesos per capita spending. We are also confident in declaring to the public that this has been methodically designed to fund the spelled out programs and projects for this year; and since we are facing a low revenue mark despite of some earlier remedial policies, our fiscal capacity is still and able.

Our current revenue distribution were generated from the following sources; our Internal Revenue Allotment share (IRA) amounted to 94.83 Million pesos this year, the Local Tax Revenues add up to 15.32 million, another 5.8 Million was sourced out from Fees, Permits and Licenses income, our proceeds from Business and Services shared 3.1 million pesos and we were also able to gain 2.8 million pesos from Other Income.

Over the years we have moored most of our operations from our share from the national reserves, from the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA). We may have fostered strong fiscal stature but our dependency over our IRA is a manifestation that we are still not self sufficient, still unable to optimize our local resources and fully implement some of our fiscal policies throughout the municipality.

My resolve is steadfast on this matter. We are cutting ourselves loose from this heavy dependency and launch an all out revenue generation redress. We shall aim at increasing the municipality’s per capita income by 10% which I believe is both realistic and attainable. By doing so, we can provide our constituency better accessibility to all the basic needs and services this administration could offer.

We will impose an iron resolution in institutionalizing legal remedies in the collection of delinquencies to improve our tax revenue collection to a realistic percentage level. Our Local Fiscal Management Team (LFMT), the Maramag Investment and Export Board (MIEB) and the Sangguniang Bayan at present are working vigorously to update our Municipal Tax Incentive Code and our Municipal Revenue Code. Our Tax Mapping Operation is already in its 4th month in property valuation and tax determination activities.

Undoubtedly, these initiatives will make the municipal revenue generation system more investment-friendly and responsive to the desired changes we foresee.


This year, we are initiating a new drive under the Project CURE (Comprehensive and Unified Response to Eradicate Red Tape) in Local Government Units designed to practically wipe out the vicious system starting from the local level. Spearheaded by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) and in tandem with the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), we will be crafting the CITIZENS’ CHARTER pursuant to Republic Act No. 9485 known as the Anti- Red Tape Act (ARTA) of 2007.  

The effort will concentrate on introducing to the public a more efficient government transaction procedure which will be beefed up by promotional brochures, posters, billboards and other printed materials containing step by step guide including a directory of local offices, the person to be contacted and approximated number of hours or minutes as response time through which a resident can avail of assistance for basic, administrative and support services from any government office or staff.

The Charter will serve as a covenant of service standard between the local government and its clients.

The charter could basically create an opportunity for a transparent, speedy and efficient delivery of services for the people.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I take cognizance in imposing what is paramount in this administration, that the importance of transparency and good governance cannot be underestimated. By helping the public to develop greater awareness about the need and requirements of good governance, we can ease out bureaucratic delays and other malicious practices in the government, and eventually imbue back public trust in the government.


    It is my strong belief that the ultimate reason why local government units plan and foresee, is to strategize efficiently the formula to win the battle against poverty- THE ULTIMATE GOAL. However, in achieving this task we should come in terms with the formidable task of creating a milieu; a society that is positively active and receptive to change; an environment conducive to commerce and industry, and further allow these investments to foster growth, not only in the economic aspect but also people-enriching and people-empowering enterprises.
The infrastructure projects we have implemented, like our Bridges, Farm-to-Market roads, School buildings, Energization and Water System, Barangay Health Stations, Post Harvest Facilities and Environmental programs; all these developments significantly ushered convenience to our constituents and have spurred greater avenue for our local communities beyond fiscal significance. The goal that we have laid down has been our conduit in transforming our population, the people of Maramag into pro-active partners in every phase of our development endeavors, key players for every program implemented and not just mere, un-reactive objects of growth.

    The goal’s pace may seem to be tedious and gradual but the track is straight and we cannot afford to lose sight of our development direction. Each of us here today must bestow our advocacy in the promotion of the common welfare. We are a community and our individual fates are linked, our futures intertwined. If we act in that knowledge and in that belief together, as the Good Book says, we can move mountains.

As I speak today, I know at the back of our minds the idea, the eagerness and the craving is fiery. Maramag is ready and its Cityhood is inevitable!

Ladies and gentlemen, by all means and measures we are fit; up and coming; and most of all, a willing contender. The significant milestones we have would manifest our ardent desire of bringing our dreams closer to reality…that is, the Cityhood of Maramag!

However, why don’t we pay a closer attention at the atmosphere and prevailing schemes as to how would we fare as a city, if we pole-volt our drive without sustainable planning and projection. There are criteria set by law and though we have at present met the requirements and conditions, however we may not have the means, the necessary resources to support its stringent requirements.  The criteria and standards are safety mechanisms designed to ensure the viability of a municipality once it jumps off and sail for Cityhood.

The Local Government Code of 1991 clearly laid down the fiscal standard to ascertain the readiness, capability and preparedness of a municipality that eyes on the roles, functions and responsibilities of a city. Just a few months ago, the Supreme Court’s decision invalidating the conversion of the 16 municipalities into cities reckoned a major blow against the proponents of the conversion, sending a plain message to all others aspiring for the much coveted cityhood…that there are no “shortcuts” and these standards must be followed in all cases of conversion.

I know our dream is fervent but it would be a disaster if along the way we fall short and commit mistake in the preparation. Sometimes great fulfillment can conceal a great mistake. Quite often, we find it hard to stand and correct the mistake knowing that correcting it would extinguish the pleasure and the bliss.

The Ecclesiastes assures us, that “to everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven”. Let us make today and the days onward the time to unite and work together, not the time to disunite and work against each other. Though we believe Maramag’s time to become a full-pledge city is ripe, let us not make haste our move, but let our fiscal stability determine and become the tangible development indicator. The waiting is seemingly difficult and tiresome but it is always worthy to trust fully and wait for the mandate of destiny… in GOD’s time.   


    In every occasion, in every activity and in every commitment we have indulged ourselves into, there is always the part where we say goodbye to each other. I consider this forlorn because I always get reminded by the famous cartoonist Charles M. Schulz’ line that goes “Why can't we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together?  I guess that would not work.  Someone would leave.  Someone always leaves.  Then we would have to say good-bye”.

    Ending always brings me nostalgia because things happens really fast, time travels at an amazing speed that we find it hard to recollect some memorable events, however I realized that there is no way we could start collecting more memories and reminiscing the past without ending one.

    I know my days as your Local Chief Executive of this Municipality are numbered, come 2010 a new set of political leaders will emerge and be sworn to office occupying the positions we will be vacating. However, I have not viewed this transition as a reason for me to slowdown and be complacent leaving everything behind; I am optimistic and I know with the remaining ticks of my time I can still make a big difference, a profound contribution to alleviate poverty and bring convenience to every household, to every family and to every citizen of this community. From the start, I have sworn to uphold people’s well- being and interest and I intend to end it ever fruitful and as a fulfillment of a legacy immemorial.

And so I say to you on this occasion, as I leave, I leave proud not only of my feats but of the people who have stood by me…. People like Vice-Mayor Alicia Paulican-Resus and the Honorable Members of the Sangguniang Bayan; the three Political Skyscrapers of Bukidnon, Governor Jose Ma. R. Zubiri Jr., Congressman Jose Ma. F. Zubiri III, and Senator Juan Miguel F. Zubiri and all those unsung heroes, nameless individuals who championed public service.

      In the same way, I want you all to be proud of what you have done, a speck they may seem to you, I still want you to feel proud of that sterling contribution because the edifice would not have been built without the pebbles and the sand. Being the best and giving your best are two different things; you have always given your best, you were never a mediocre not even petty and by doing this we have surpassed not only others but above all we were able to go beyond ourselves.

    And so, at this juncture we part with high hopes and vigor, in good spirit, with deep humility and gratefulness in our hearts knowing that though we come in different walks of life, faith and beliefs, we have been singular in our effort to effectuate significant changes bringing what is best for our people, for our children and for all of Maramag.

    I have always said time and again that we are just visitors here on earth and pilgrims on the road, if there is a good deed you can do to your fellowmen, do it now and do not deter it, for you shall not pass this path again…I want to say to each and every one of you, for what we have done together, be it great or insignificant, we are assured that we have done a great deed to our fellowmen, and for that, allow me to say… Nostris Cognoscimur Factis- in other words, it is by our action, we are known.

Our action has become our legacy…our immortal legacy.

    To all of you…thank you very much and Maayong MARAMAG KANATONG TANAN!